Frome Area Community Land Trust is committed to providing genuinely affordable homes in Frome.

Community Land Trusts are a proven route to helping solve the housing crisis, this page provides some general information about CLT’s and how we will be working towards our objectives.

A New Way of Doing Things

Frome Area Community Land Trust was originally set up in 2019 by Fair Housing for Frome who funded the development work and continue to work alongside and share information with the CLT. The formation of FACLT was seen as a logical step with Community Land Trust’s being a proven method of providing genuinely affordable housing in many towns. Waiting lists for Social housing in Frome are notoriously long with families, couples and individuals in need of long-term housing often waiting years to be housed. The formation of a local CLT is a significant step forward in the quest to help some of those currently on the housing list achieve their goal of being housed somewhere secure, reliable and reasonably priced.

Providing genuinely affordable homes in Frome is a long-term project and it’s not going to happen overnight. As with other CLT’s The Frome Area Community Land Trust is in it for the long haul, our first project might take a while to come to fruition and when it does we won’t be stopping there. The process of providing much needed housing is a long term endeavour so we need the support of our local community to make it happen whether that’s with land, ideas or with people joining us and helping us make this happen.

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are being set up across the country to help provide affordable homes and services for local people. The CLT may seek to acquire land or buildings and to develop them independently. Alternatively it may form partnership(s) with one or more Housing Association(s), whereby the CLT can lead the housing project and generate a long-term income whilst being protected from the risks involved. The main features about this new way of doing things are:

Land ownership. The CLT can secure the housing site in perpetuity for the community. Any housing developed will remain affordable to local people in demonstrable housing need.

Affordable Homes for Local People. Those with a strong local connection – through living or working in the Frome area, or having family here – have priority for the housing. This will be enshrined in legally binding agreements.

Access to grant funding. The creation of the CLT enables government grants to be applied for community led housing schemes.

Financial viability. The CLT can obtain an ongoing income from rents to finance the repayment of loans, cover the Trust’s running costs and hopefully provide a small income for other projects. The Trust can therefore be financially sustainable.

Potential for other projects.  The priority is land for affordable housing – using information about the current housing needs to establish the appropriate number and mix. However, the scope of the Trust provides a vehicle for FACLT to own, develop and protect other property and land.

Democratic. The Trust is a democratic organisation – with membership open to anyone having a local connection and supporting its objectives. Apply today.

The Board

Ali Barclay

Alison runs a small training business with her husband and and has lived in Frome for over thirty years.

Vicki Burke

Vicki is a professional musician and writer, she moved to Frome in 2013. Vicki is a founding member and vice chair of Fair Housing for Frome, she was previously on the steering group of the Frome Landlords Association and has a long term interest in providing genuinely affordable housing.

Tim Cutting

Tim has lived in Frome for 13 years and has been involved with community led housing for much of that time. He has been Chair of Oakfield Academy governing board until 2018, was a founding director of Frome Renewable Energy Company, and has also been a director of ECOS Trust, a charity that promoted sustainable house building.

Delia Goddard

Delia moved to Frome three years ago after a career in the NHS. Her awareness of the the lack of affordable housing in Frome led her to become a FACLT director in late 2020. She’s inspired by the CLT idea that communities can hold land in trust for the provision of permanent affordable housing for that community.

David Tanner

David has experience of the voluntary sector, both as an employee and trustee. He is a tenant paying rent to a private landlord so understands local housing issues well. David hopes that FACLT will address some of the current housing needs and looks forward to welcoming people to our first new community of homes in Frome.

Roger Saunders

Chair of FACLT

For many years Roger worked for an organisation helping to improve unpopular estates and neighbourhoods, empowering residents and helping social landlords improve services. As well as chair of FACLT Roger is also on the board of Fair Housing for Frome.

John Clarke

John has lived in Frome for more than 20 years. John trained and worked as a social worker. John joined theFACLT board in the autumn of 2020.