Questions, Challenges & Current Projects

We want to make sure that those with real experience of the housing crisis, and those who are in need of genuinely affordable housing have their voices heard, and opportunities to engage with creating solutions.

Questions and Challenges

Our Current Projects

We use a variety of methods to engage and communicate with our community effectively.

  • We welcome any input to improve our understanding of the challenges people face (please share your stories with us).
  • We organise public meetings, workshops, and participatory events to ensure face-to-face interaction and direct feedback. Find out more about our events.
  • Digital tools such as our website, social media platforms, and email newsletters are key in reaching a broader audience and helping them to keep in touch.
  • We also work closely with local organisations and media to extend our reach and include under-represented groups when Influencing Public Policy.
  • We run the Frome Housing Noticeboard on Facebook to make it easier for anyone who is searching for, or advertising a place to rent, lodge or house-sit in Frome.
  • The Frome Renting Alliance has currently been put on hold while we develop the concept. If you would like to help us with this initiative please contact us.

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