Last summer FACLT were partners in a project to build on small areas of green space in Frome.  Following consultation with local residents we decided that the project wasn’t viable. We listened and learned but are still left with the ongoing problem of securing land for the provision of new homes to be made available at social rent for local people.  In Frome this has become increasingly challenging. The popularity of our town makes it attractive to private developers who buy up the land at high prices and build homes that are neither affordable nor suitable for those who are in need.

With this experience behind us the FACLT Board of Directors wanted to look again at its vision and structure and to create some clear objectives for the coming year. We spent a day in February thinking about this.


The FACLT Board has overall responsibility for FACLT’s Vision, Strategic Direction, Aims and Goals. Directors are also actively involved in practical tasks, for example in our working groups.

We decided to restructure around two key working groups. 

The Engagement and Communications Group has responsibility for engaging with the community and recruiting members.

The Projects Working Group has responsibility for finding land for development. Its core aim is the provision of social housing of the right type in the right place. However, Community Land Trusts can and do also get involved in acquiring and developing community resources other than housing. The Project Group identifies opportunities for FACLT projects and negotiates around specific sites, developing projects.

We also set up short-term working groups to work on specific tasks and projects.

But none of this is possible without support from the wider community.

There is a way of developing our communities while maintaining our environment. It behoves FACLT to gain support from the local community to achieve this. We understand the importance of protecting and enjoying green space. However this has to be set alongside the need for suitable homes for the many local people who are not in a position to buy a home.  

FACLT Members

FACLT NEEDS NEW MEMBERS with energy and enthusiasm to support, advise, and join working groups.

Please get involved and encourage others to join us.

If you have any questions or would like an informal chat please email us at 

For the full review strategy, vision statement, structural reorganisation, aims and objectives please follow this link