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Frome Area Community Land Trust is a friendly, practical organisation, led almost entirely by volunteers. We welcome any help that our members can offer, recognising that different people have very different time constraints, priorities, interests and skills. Here we suggest a range of ways that you can be involved as a member – some require minimal time and commitment, others are more demanding.

Send us your ideas

FACLT is always on the look-out for land with the potential for building affordable homes. We also consider taking on other assets such as disused buildings. We welcome any suggestions (especially if you are a landowner!).

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Help us manage the organisation

Members with particular areas of skill and expertise may be able to contribute to the board without taking on the full responsibilities of a director. For example, a member with financial skills might offer valuable support to the Treasurer; a member could play the Board Secretary role (administering meetings, taking minutes, ensuring compliance with our Rules) without becoming a director.

Time needed: 4-8 hours per month

We also need help to conduct research, continue to identify opportunities and support the creation of community led housing in Frome. 

Specific skills that could be useful to us…

  • Financial Management 
  • Public Engagement 
  • Legal Advice 
  • Finding Land 
  • Fundraising 
  • Information Technology
  • Social Media
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Join a Working Group

Currently FACLT activity is organised into two operational strands.  Creating Homes, and Engagement & Communications

Creating Homes: 

Oversees practical projects and is always on the lookout for land on which to develop new social housing using the principles of Community Led Housing.  

The group negotiates with potential partners such as funding bodies, housing associations, landowners, commercial developers, and council planning officers to develop site projects.

Engagement & Communication: 

Informs, consults and engages with the wider Frome community, as well as communities likely to be affected by potential developments. It is responsible for regular newsletters, blogs, social media, press articles and public meetings, events and the website.

FACLT members are very welcome to join either Creating Homes, or Engagement & Communication, or a Task and Finish Project Group that sits under one or other of the operational umbrellas. 

If you feel that you have useful skills to share, or are just passionate about creating Community Led Housing please Contact Us to join this fantastic group of committed local people.

Time needed: 4-8 hours per month

Identifying housing opportunities, negotiating and developing site projects.
Press, social media, recruiting and engaging members, outreach, networking

Call for new board members and Directors.
Could this be you?

Are you a local resident with good links in the community and some understanding of insecure housing and homelessness, either through your own experience or the experience of friends and family? Or are you someone with professional skills related to housing, fundraising, development and marketing, or a strategic thinker who can help turn vision into reality?

Any FACLT member is entitled to stand as a director at each AGM. The board is also able to co-opt others as directors up until the following AGM.

The FACLT board of directors has responsibility for the governance and leadership of the organisation. Directors must work as a team to determine FACLT’s direction, oversee its activities, monitor progress, and make sure it complies with its legal, regulatory and financial obligations. Directors, who are all volunteers, meet as a board on a regular basis (at present monthly) to carry out this role. In addition, most directors get involved in one or more working groups.

If you are interested in becoming a director, please don’t be put off by stereotypical images of what a ‘board of directors’ looks like. We are very keen that the board should reflect the diversity of people in our wider community. It’s important to us to have as much diversity as possible on the board of directors, in terms of age, gender and experience.

Time needed: Min. 5 hours per month, but can be more depending on your availability. Directors are expected to attend most board meetings.

We are a friendly open-minded group that meets approximately every month, with other events and activities in between. This is a voluntary position, and following a trial period, we’re looking for a commitment of two to three years. Contact us for more information.

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