In Summer 2022 our landlord decided to sell the home we had lived in for nearly 5 years. We managed to find a new place to rent and moved just before Christmas, but a week later we were told the house we’d just moved into was going on the market for sale too, so our six month tenancy was all we would get there.

We spent 3 months looking for a place in Frome while our landlord was selling the house we were living in. There were hardly any 2 beds, let alone affordable ones, and it was very competitive. We had to move out of Frome due to the lack of affordable places to rent and now I have to commute to my workplace in the town.

Both of our landlords were lovely but they were selling up the few properties they rented out as they were getting older and with rising costs of mortgages etc they didn’t feel the slim profits were worth the work.

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