We were looking to buy our first home in Frome, which took us between 3 and 4 years. We would find a house in our price range but when we put an offer in the estate agent would ring back to say that another offer has been accepted for way above the asking price. We were thinking that we would have to move out of Frome to afford to buy a home, but luckily we were the first people to look around the house we managed to buy but we ended up putting an extra £15,000 above the asking price as we didn’t want to lose it. This also meant they cancelled further viewings – which happened to us a lot. If we didn’t fix our mortgage, we would really be struggling now with the mortgage rates. As we were both first time buyers, we didn’t really know the process of buying a house, (or renting etc.) and we didn’t know the additional costs that were involved (surveys, mortgage and legal fees etc.), I think it would be good for more education on housing and what options there are for moving out of the family home and what steps you need to take.

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