Housing Crisis Declaration

We know that housing problems are national, even international, and that Frome shares issues like soaring rents, creeping AirBnB dominance and unchecked growth of empty second homes with many other towns. Could it be that residents of those locations can help us towards a solution?  Cities and rural areas alike are experiencing desperate housing needs …

A new Town Council

The local elections are done and Frome continues to have a fully independent Town Council with all 17 seats being taken by the Independents for Frome group. There will be little or no time for the newly elected councillors to relax and celebrate their win as the issues facing the town are significant as they are for the country as a whole. Locally at a town level there are obvious limits to what a small town or parish council can do but past experience shows us that our own town council often punch above their weight and get some extraordinary things done.  FACLT spoke with some of the new councillors, two of whom were re-elected and two elected for the first time. The housing crisis was high on their agendas.