Here are a few links you may find useful.  We will be building on this information resource in the lead up to the Frome Tiny Homes Event

Facebook Groups


A Beginner’s Guide to Living in a Tiny House:

Good general info:

Tiny Living Magazine:

The Tiny Life (US but some useful transferable info):

Planning Permission Information

Building Your Own Tiny House

Tiny Homes to buy


‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ YouTube channel. (Has just started a series of videos based in the UK)

Our UK favourites are:

Tom Lear:

Florence Hamer:



Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter- Lloyd Kahn

Tiny Homes on the Move- Lloyd Kahn

Tiny House Design and Construction Guide- Dan Louche

Tiny House Floor Plans- Michael Janzen

Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big- Brent Heavener


Fair Housing for Frome does not endorse any particular company or information resource and cannot attest to their credibility or accuracy.  This is a collection of links that we have found helpful in our research and will continue to adapt and build on.  If you have any suggestions, please contact us at

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