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The union of Fair Housing for Frome and Frome Area Community Land Trust draws together community action relating to fair and affordable housing in Frome.

Frome Area Community Land Trust

Frome Area Community Land Trust (FACLT) was set up in 2019 by Fair Housing for Frome (FHfF).

This was a logical step as Community Land Trust’s (CLT’s) were providing genuinely affordable homes in many towns and villages.

In Frome waiting lists for social housing are long. 

Families, couples and individuals often wait years to be housed. 

The formation of a local CLT was a step forward in the quest to help some of those currently on the housing list achieve their goal of being housed somewhere secure, reliable and reasonably priced.

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Fair Housing for Frome

Fair Housing for Frome (FHfF) was a grassroots organisation that began in November 2015 when a group of local people met to discuss the housing crisis in our town.  Its objective was to support the provision of decent, secure, affordable and accessible accommodation in Frome for local people on low incomes who were being squeezed out by rising prices, stagnating wages and profit-led developments and practices.

FHfF aimed to be an example of how local volunteer-led activism could enable a rural town to maintain a diverse and vibrant community despite local and national socio-economic pressures.  Several public events were held and over fifty local people joined us as volunteers for our various projects and initiatives.  Strong working links were developed with local agencies, town, district and county councillors.  Representatives attended regional and national events including at Mendip District Council, Shelter, Trafford Hall, Manchester.

FHfF established an organisational style that equipped it to punch above its weight in a sustainable and effective way. As evidenced by financial and other support FHfF was respected in Frome for getting things done on time and within budget in a flexible, imaginative and transparent manner.  Every project was run collaboratively by a steering group of volunteers in partnership with other local agencies, that stayed accountable to its wider audience via well-attended public meetings.

FHfF Past Projects

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