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Fair Housing for Frome produced a monthly radio show called ‘Housing Hub’ on Frome FM. Produced by Polly Lamb and edited by Vicki Burke. Housing Hub dealt with the main housing issues facing our town with interviews and articles looking at what’s going on and what we can do to help solve the problems we have. On this page you can access all of the past shows and listen again. We also run occasional Webinars and online events, these will also available here to watch again.

Listen again to all of the past past episodes of Housing Hub here…

February 2022

In this final episode of Housing Hub we get an update from Frome Area Community Land Trust (FACLT) as they plan the year ahead, following their Fair Homes proposals which got a lot of media attention. We speak to FACLT director Chris James and their Technical Advisor Steve Watson about what the organisation has learned from the Fair Homes project and what challenges they face coming out of a pandemic. We also hear from our new Home Share coordinator Vince Tillman who talks about what sort of costs to expect if you are interested in signing up to the scheme. And we chat to Terry Pinto, a local eco-architect who outlines the particular issues of retro-fitting an older town like Frome.

January 2022:

In the first 2022 episode of Housing Hub we talk to Jess Gay from Julian House charity for homeless people about their ‘Big Bath Sleep Out’ event which is in its 12th year. If you fancy raising sponsorship money for the charity, you can sleep out with the event in Alice Park, Bath or you can even join the event virtually. We also chat with Steve Paulfrey from KeyRing Lettings who specialise in housing for tenants who pay rent by universal Credit or who are on the council’s waiting list to be housed. We also thought we would kick off 2022 by sharing with you a bit more about the work that our group does so we hear from the chair of Fair Housing for Frome, Andy Jones, who talks about what projects are in the pipeline for our group in the coming months.

December 2021:

The last episode of ‘Housing Hub’ in 2021 went out on Monday 13th December at 3pm. The show includes an interview with Nikki Brain, resilience manager at Frome Town Council, Nikki talks about how landlords of rental properties can make their homes more energy efficient. Also featured is an interview with Paul Oster – Director of Mayday Saxonvale. Paul talks about their plans for the development in the centre of Frome. Finally we talk to YMCA housing coach Dave Stockley on how to prevent evictions and what tenants should to do if they are given notice to leave.

November 2021:

A special ‘Selwood Garden Community’ episode of Housing Hub. Mark Brierley from LVA (the Selwood Garden Community developers) and Lollie Melton from Stop SGC, debate this hot Frome topic on air with restorative facilitator Jo Berry. The show makes fascinating listening as the participants discuss the proposed development, the need for housing versus the need to protect our green spaces.  

October 2021:

In this episode we talk to Steve Tanner, the development worker for FHfF, who looks at the initial results, and explains the key findings from our Housing Needs Survey, commissioned in partnership with Frome Town Council and Mendip District Council. 
We discuss housing poverty and the situation that local people are finding themselves in since the pandemic began. We talk to Iona Fitzgerald from Citizens Advice Mendip and Philip Gray from Christians Against Poverty who both give advice to Frome residents on this issue.


September 2021:

In this episode we talk to two district councillors who are housing influencers in Frome, John Clark and Richard Pinnock. We hear from the new resilience worker Nikki Brain about Frome Town Council’s Big Green Week. We also meet one of Fair Housing for Frome’s new Directors Christine Brown and her work in sustainable housing.

June 2021:

The monthly radio show from Fair Housing for Frome is taking a break for the summer. The last programme in the series was well timed with the recently announced Fair Homes project. The programme centres around Community Land Trusts and includes interviews with residents in other CLT developments as well as a discussion with Selwood Housing director Paul Walsh and  Roger Saunders – chair of Frome Area Community Land Trust

May 2021:

‘Housing Hub’ radio show talks to renters in Frome and discusses why the Housing Needs Survey is a crucial exercise for the town. Fair Housing for Frome’s latest radio show goes straight to the heart of the issue featuring conversations with people renting in Frome. The show went out a few days ago but is now available on catch-up. Presented and produced by Polly Lamb and edited by Vicki Burke, the Housing Hub radio show has rapidly become essential listening for those who want to understand more about the issues faced by people in Frome and what can be done to improve the situation.

April 2021:

The latest episode of Housing Hub which airs on 30th March at 1pm, continues this month’s Tiny Homes theme and looks at why people are seeking this alternative housing solution. Jackson Moulding from Ecomotive speaks about his experience in the field of community-led housing projects and how his business now helps others to plan and build their own developments. Alison Murdoch a founder of the Tiny Homes project for Fair Housing for Frome talks with Rory Supka, one of the current project workers, about what led her to find out what interest there was locally for a Tiny Homes venture. You can also hear more about what defines a Tiny Home and Prana Simon talks about her Tiny Homes national website.

March 2021:

Episode 3 of the new Frome FM show put together by Fair Housing for Frome hits the airways on Tuesday 2nd February at 1pm. This month’s programme features interviews with street homeless charity ‘Elim Connect’ and local letting agents Harlows. Also included is a discussion on the new Homeshare Mendip project with founder Bill Palmer and director Dominic Ellison and the ‘Iron Man’ of Frome, Miley Porritt.

February 2021:

This month we hear from one of the Directors  of FHfF and Frome’s Mayor, Anita Collier on her take on housing and how the pandemic has affected her work. We also talk to Roger Saunders and Tim Cutting from FACLT and chat to Ali Barclay as she hands over the the Fair Housing for Frome chair to Andy Jones.

January 2021:

The January episode of ‘Housing Hub’ introduces key projects like Tiny Homes and the new Homeshare Mendip scheme. There is an update from Roger Saunders from Frome Area Community Land Trust, discussing plans to build genuinely affordable homes in the town.

Fair Housing for Frome’s development worker Steve Tanner talks about the all important Housing Needs Survey, a joint effort by ourselves, the Community Land Trust, Frome Town Council and Mendip District Council to get surveys out to 13,000 households in Frome. Steve talks about this and how people can get involved and have their say.

There’s also an interview with Frome-based actor Dan Gaisford who discusses the work behind a project he has been involved with called ‘Unknown’ an audio production about homelessness, which was written with the collaboration of some of Bath’s rough sleepers

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