The view across the fields at Marston Lane

Plans for development in and on the outskirts of Frome are being submitted regularly at the moment so we are continuing to highlight them to help you get a chance to submit your comments.

The plans for the area of land owned by Somerset County Council between Packsaddle Way and Leys Lane will be published soon. There is already a strong local protest group fighting this because they want to keep it as a green space. But as the housing waiting list grows longer and this application is for housing that would meet some of that need, there is bound to be a lively discussion following the release of the plans.

You may have also seen a request for proposals for the land known locally as Sunset Fields which is next to Vallis Farm. Expect a similar difference of opinion if plans come to the committee. We will watch this space for you. 

Back to what is on the table. We are now aware that the proposed development at Marston Lane is going to appeal in January so if you want to have your say on that, head over to the planning portal on Mendip District Council’s website. Finally  there was a public consultation over plans to build low-carbon, affordable homes on part of the North Parade Car park in conjunction with Mendip Council. The development would retain some of the car park for the town but also provide 100% of its dwellings for social rent. This eco-build would appear to be a great use of this space and provide necessary affordable homes in a town centre location. 

Of course overshadowing all of these are the amended plans for Selwood Garden Community which Frome Town Council will be discussing in depth, starting with a planning meeting on the 24 November. The need to provide genuine affordable homes for future generations of Frome and the need to protect our environment are at the heart of Fair Housing for Frome and the challenge is to find a balance that provides and protects. Sign up to attend the meeting and have your say on the new plans. 

There are very good reasons to support a planned expansion of the town which will not only add housing but also add employment and enable the town to shape further growth to provide what’s missing, it could also enhance vital infrastructure. 

If expansion is not planned the fear is that one of the more speculative proposals in an inappropriate part of town will be passed, the flood gates opened and we will end up with all housing with no employment or infrastructure improvements.  

Of course there are just as many reasons to resist any significant expansion, to protect our open spaces for future generations and not overburden infrastructure. This debate will surely continue for a number of weeks, it’s something we will be actively taking part in and we encourage all with a view to take part in and share your views to make sure many voices are heard.

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