I grew up in Frome and have lived here almost all my life. I am unable to leave the house I share with my parent, even though I’m over 30 years old now. I cannot afford to buy a flat and since I own dogs, I’m not able to rent anywhere either as landlords either ban pets or choose applicants without pets. The few that don’t ban pets are incredibly expensive and I have been on the Homefinder waiting list for years without success.

I want three things: First, for Mayday Saxonvale to be accepted and allowed to start building, since there is a large percentage of social housing in the scheme and huge value for the town in an otherwise desolate place. Second, I am in favour of other house and flat builds in and around Frome SO LONG AS the council restricts the value of each house to under £250k, each flat to under £90k, and requires rental properties to accept pets, so that they will actually be affordable and feasible for the people who live in this area. Frome COULD control its ridiculous house prices if those who own and build property decided to take a stand, but greed and selfishness seems to always get in the way. And finally, I want the council to put their values where their mouth is and focus on creating houses and flats for the real people of Frome, not high-paying property developers or rich people escaping to the country.

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