My Wife and I have been a housing association tenant for 6 years in a 2 bed flat with 3 Children

Due to ongoing damp issues within our flat we were forced to set up our bedroom in the living room for just over 2 years during covid and my wife’s pregnancy, essentially meaning we lived in a 1 bed flat for the majority of lockdown.

We finally got a response from our landlord who, after a long period, insulated the property and put Zinser damp proof paint on the walls.

After this process we finally got our second bedroom back, just as our youngest son was turning 8 months, and took it upon ourselves to create a temporary split wall in the bedrooms to provide enough space for all the family in the now overcrowded 2 bed. And since the works have been completed the mould has returned, and we are still in an ongoing discussion with our landlord with no resolution on the horizon.

We’re desperately looking for a 3 bed home but cannot afford private rent (despite having a modest salary of 40k before tax) and have deep concerns that the rise of inflation and cost of living crisis will not allow us to into the private rent sector.

We’ve been using the low rent in the housing association property to carefully save, and have explored shared ownership options to get ourselves on the housing ladder as well as checking homefinder regularly for just over a year.

The situation is dire, we live a stripped back lifestyle and at this rate our only option is wait patiently for a 3 bed, at the risk to our children’s health living in this unsuitable mouldy flat which has in turn directly affected My Wife’s and my mental health.

We love Frome, it’s got vibrancy, community and soul while being packed full of nature and entertainment! We want to stay here but Frome doesn’t want us to stay.

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