Autumn is definitely with us now and as the weather cools down the town continues to get busier. COVID restrictions have pretty much lifted with events back at venues and the monthly market back in full swing.

The weather may be cooling but there is plenty of heat in the discussions on-line and in council meetings about proposed local developments, particularly Selwood Garden Community and Saxonvale. New housing development is always controversial and Frome has a good track record of questioning aspects of proposals and often creating positive change in plans to the benefit of the town.  

What isn’t in doubt is that this town needs more social housing, some may come as part of new developments but with more than 500 households on the waiting list for an affordable home here, will it be enough to make a difference? Will the developers attempt to reduce the number of social housing units as projects develop? Much of this is an unknown quantity at the moment and both of the projects mentioned above have a long way to go before they start, if they start at all.  Read our full October newsletter here